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Global Business Enhancement Program

Service (SOS)

The support you need for M&A activity and critical communications.

SOS provides your corporate executives with cost-effective strategic support in two critical areas: 

  1. Helping you navigate complex corporate M&A activity, from initial diligence and research all the way through closing and integration.

  2. Crafting mission-critical communications.

For M&A, SOS gives you confidential, unbiased strategic opinions based on US best practices in a timely and efficient fashion. For each project, Webrain carefully selects a team of experts to work with your executives and provide clear, impartial guidance. during the entirety of the M&A process. Webrain is uniquely positioned to evaluate and execute on your corporate strategy, all while identifying and mitigating the myriad cross-cultural obstacles that frequently trip up lesser-prepared organizations. 

Whether they are related to M&A or any other activity, your corporate communications need to be precise and perfectly tailored for your audience. With SOS, Webrain does a thorough review of your executive presentation materials to fine-tune the messaging, targeting and delivery of mission critical communications and themes developed by your corporate executives for use with relevant stakeholders, such as analysts, shareholders, employees, customers, vendors and subsidiaries around the world.

These might include: 


  • Analyst meetings on quarterly and annual earnings reports.


  • “Roadshows” for major shareholders and investors.


  • Presentations delivered to employees, vendors, customers and subsidiary management around the world to promote core messages or new directives of the company.

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