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Webrain is uniquely
positioned to give your team the edge it needs to succeed.



Intelligence as a Service

In addition to bringing over 20 years of knowledge from our think tank, we provide intelligence through our extensive Pacific Northwest network  of industry experts, angel investors, and startups.

Learning by doing

We provide Kizuki and triggers so that thinking outside the box becomes a normal practice for your business team. 

Get out of your comfort zone

Immersing in a different environment and view outside of Japan allows for a moderate amount pressure to yield maximum benefits. 

Lessons from achievers

Participants will learn about investor thinking (discernment and foresight) based on the knowledge and experience of real investors, as well as the temperament and leadership qualities required of entrepreneurs.

Direct to the frontiers

Seattle, where Webrain is based, is home to Amazon and Microsoft (which are at the forefront of AI and the cloud), the University of Washington (which provides research and development and human resources), and countless high-tech startups that are constantly challenging themselves to innovate by learning directly from real innovators in the real world.


Core Strengths

Image by Fabrizio Chiagano


1. The courage to discard.

In the midst of the rapid changes in the times and society, new common sense, called the new normal, is continually being created. The US, China, India, and other emerging economies, are steadily changing the way they compete in global business.

Winning patterns that worked in the past are no longer effective. Today, it is necessary to consciously discard and unlearn the knowledge and values that have been accumulated in the past. In order to learn and improve (unlearn), it has become important to re-discover your strengths with a third eye that looks at you and your company objectively, and to always be accumulating new knowledge and skills.


2. Weapons to fight commoditization

The commoditization of skills has not stopped. We are living in an age where experts with advanced qualifications fend off competition from people with similar mass-produced skill.  Additionally, there’s the persistent threat of jobs being outsourced to countries with lower labor costs. Even with an MBA, you still might be working in poverty.

Furthermore, all industries are becoming globalized and the world is being swept up in the wave of real capitalism, fueled by global network connections. To survive in this environment, it is necessary to have a high level of intelligence that thoroughly analyzes the opposition and continues to notice opportunities and perspectives that others are overlooking.

Intelligence allows you to develop strategies that highlight your strengths, which can be used as a weapon to
compete in global business.

Image by Charles Forerunner


3. Enjoy the differences

Diverse values and ways of thinking, or "differences" between people, are very important elements for innovation.

Steadily increasing the number of talents who embrace differences and do not just seek correct answers will create an innovative organization that can break away from Japan's unique pressure to synchronize.

When you deeply reflect on yourself, you will be able to reaffirm both your strengths and Japan's strengths, speak up in your own words, and improve your ability to involve others. It will give you the power to seek out, assess, and develop new businesses, all with a newfound sense of ownership.

Let's get started.

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