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Global Business Enhancement Program

Strategic Crisis Management

When your business is faced with a major crisis, SCM can rapidly and discreetly manage the situation to minimize or even avoid harm to your customers, employees, and/or shareholders. 

Webrain’s crisis response team works with you to quickly identify and assess risks in the aftermath of a major event and helps you develop a carefully crafted strategy using US-based best practices and business intelligence. The high-level goals are to address the situation, prevent further damages, and mitigate risk and liability.  

Bringing an unbiased, objective viewpoint, we augment your internal crisis response team and coordinate the efforts of external team of legal counsels, accountants and PR firms. Together, we assist with data gathering, analysis and strategic advice, scenario planning, assessment of existing corporate governance policies and procedures, and post-crisis communication management support.  

Webrain assists our clients in developing appropriate short-term and long-range remediation plans to mitigate damage to your company. This includes creating new or modifying existing corporate governance and compliance policies and procedures as part of the remediation plan.   

In one complex case, Webrain advised a global organization and its executive team on fraudulent activities involving some bad actors in a foreign subsidiary. Webrain was able to devise a definitive step-by-step plan for investigation, remediation, and communication to contain the problem in the most expedient and legal manner. In another case, Webrain managed the hiring and termination of executives within a newly acquired US subsidiary. Webrain’s expertise helped the client navigate intricate cross-cultural employment agreements while adhering to tight budget and schedule constraints. 

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