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Global Business Enhancement Program

Strategic  Communication Service(SCS)

Language and cultural differences between Japan companies and English-speaking entities can result in inaccurate or insufficient communications.

This can occur during conference calls or even in a simple email message. Or even worse, discussions stall between both parties, frustration jeopardizes the relationship, and your management grows impatient waiting on updates on this critical discussion or partnership.    

Webrain can help you overcome these problematic language and cultural communication obstacles. With SCS, we assist you in developing the proper communication protocols to make sure your messages are correctly and easily understood, with nothing lost in translation. Webrain advises you on the best communication channels to use with your local executives, strategic partners, customers, vendors and the public.

At the heart of SCS is full on-demand support ranging from external communication strategies (including public relations, high level customer and vendor communications, and crisis management) to internal communication strategies with employees and subsidiary management.

Your communications are critical to the smooth operation of your business. Through close collaboration with your corporate executive team, Webrain helps hone your messages to enhance your messages, directives, and inquiries to create the most strategic and effective interactions. When it comes to effective strategic communications, Webrain believes the best defense is a great – and carefully prepared – offense.

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