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Management Intelligence Enhancement Program

Boot Camp Services (BCS)

The market you operate in changes rapidly; to grow, you need people who can constantly identify and develop profitable new business opportunities. 

But this type of innovative performance does not come easy. It requires someone with intense discipline coupled with an entrepreneurial mindset, the type of person who draws inspiration from the world around them and thrives with their team to bring their ideas to an investment-ready level.

Through intensive intellectual and physical training, Webrain’s Boot Camp Service (BCS) directs your up-and-coming executive candidates through the rigorous process of rethinking their approach to their work and changing their mentality around creativity, performance, and working effectively as a team. 

Over the course of the BCS, participants will be driven to use out-of-the-box thinking as they perform an in-depth study of various Webrain Reports and use this material as inspiration for actively developing an innovative new business model. Throughout the complete program Webrain instills awareness (Kizuki) and coaches participants on how to notice things that connect new business opportunities. 

Maintaining a global perspective, BCS teams will draw upon the extensive strengths of Japan while integrating their newfound knowledge of US culture. Using their newly refined and sharpened presentation skills, the team will pitch their business plan to a panel of experienced and seasoned high-tech angel investors and receiving invaluable actionable feedback and suggestions. Each BCS is customized for the skills and goals of your team and draws from Webrain’s extensive roster of over 60 experts in fields.

The BCS experience culminates with the participants presenting their plans to your company’s leadership to promote their plans and ask support for further developing their proof-of-concept. Since 1999, Webrain has graduated over 1,000 BCS attendees, many of whom have gone into executive leadership roles in their companies.

BCS Program Examples:

  • Agile Development

  • Business and Religion

  • Cross Cultural Integration

  • Data Visualization

  • eDiscovery

  • Equity Valuation

  • Executive Security

  • Intellectual Property and Residual Rights

  • Japanese American History

  • Marketing Intelligence

  • Physical Training

  • Post M&A Corporate Governance

  • Presentation Skills and Perception

  • Private Equity and VC Funding

  • University Technology Transfer

  • US Cannabis Law & Policy

  • US Cultural Differences

  • And much more...

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