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Focused Knowledge Enhancement Program

Interactive Strategic Sessions (ISS)

Deliver an instant injection of expert business intelligence to your management and task force team.

Using the timely business intelligence captured in a select Webrain Report, the Interactive Strategic Sessions (ISS) focus on trending technology themes and examine their growing impact on industries, society, and global issues within the next few years. Webrain has been presenting ISS since 1999, and in that time has helped numerous Japanese Fortune 500 companies enhance the knowledge and technical acumen of their leadership teams. These interactive sessions run 1.5 to 2 hours, are conducted in person or through video conferencing, and can be tailored for each customers. 

But ISS is more than just a presentation. Webrain expertly conducts ISS in a manner specifically designed to spark a lively two-way discussion with your team that ensures they gain the valuable insight into how these trends will impact your company and the Japanese market. 

With ISS, your management and task team will be equipped with unique insights and invaluable perspectives to gain a strategic edge over the competition and drive your company’s future and success.

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