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Management Intelligence Enhancement Program

Executive Retreat Service (ERS)

A valuable “back to the basics” opportunity for experienced corporate executives to update and sharpen their skills.

During ERS,  participants will examine new societal, ideological, geo-political, and cultural challenges that are impacting your industry.

ERS sessions can be customized to your executives’ specific needs. It culminates with a two-to-five day gathering in the Pacific Northwest at Webrain Headquarters in Seattle, during which the participants will receive focused physical and intellectual training to stimulate their body and mind to think deeper and unleash their creativity.

Webrain has also had considerable success in providing Japanese executives with targeted instruction for improving their English communication skills (spoken – especially accent reduction, written, presentation, and etiquette). 

The ERS also employs creative team-building projects to establish strong bonds between executives, thereby fostering a more cohesive and responsive organization. ERS can be extremely effective with groups solely from Japan, or it can be used to strengthen ties between Japan-based executives and their counterparts in the US divisions (or within recently acquired US companies) by bridging the culture gap between the countries. Webrain’s ERS gets your executives out of the office into a relaxed environment free of hierarchy, empowering them to expand their individual skillsets and solidify their team cohesiveness.

ERS Program Examples:

  • Agile Development

  • Business and Religion

  • Cross Cultural Integration

  • Data Visualization

  • eDiscovery

  • Equity Valuation

  • Executive Security

  • Intellectual Property and Residual Rights

  • Japanese American History

  • Marketing Intelligence

  • Physical Training

  • Post M&A Corporate Governance

  • Presentation Skills and Perception

  • Private Equity and VC Funding

  • University Technology Transfer

  • US Cannabis Law & Policy

  • US Cultural Differences

  • And much more...

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