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Management Intelligence Enhancement Program

Growth Mindset Retreat Service (GMS)

The global market is changing faster than ever before. 

It is becoming increasingly difficult to create new markets around the world if we are stuck using patterns that were successful in a long-gone era. And with the commoditization of knowledge and skills occurring at a global level, you absolutely must always seek new ways to increase your own value in the marketplace.

Webrain’s Growth Mindset Retreat Service (GMS) is a rapid, intensive training program that aims to strengthen the attitude needed to survive and thrive in a global business. GMS boosts the same four core soft skills and intelligence offered in our BCS and ERS programs, but in a shorter period of time. 

  • Core 1: Entrepreneurial thinking. By understanding of the importance of Kizuki, what triggers innovation, and the importance of habits, Webrain provides the ability to making thinking out of the box a normal, instinctive practice.

  • Core 2: Recognizing our strengths as Japanese. How is Japan seen by the outside world, where does our thinking come from, and why do we think so? Encouraging introspection in these questions will help you to understand yourself more deeply and turn this understanding into your own weapon.

  • Core 3: Analyzing the world outside of Japan. By understanding the nature of globalization (especially the US), the relationship between Christianity and capitalism, individualism and the diversity, we will be able to realize how we should compete within globalization in the future. 

  • Core 4: Leadership for creating the next era. This extends to being a Creator, not a Labor, the competence to lead a diverse team, encouraging people to think about their own success and happiness, and raising awareness about leadership as essential in an unpredictable era.

These sessions are conducted online or in-person. Webrain can customize sessions for each company by providing additional instruction on cutting edge marketing technology trends and corporate culture to further deepen participants' thinking and broaden their horizons.

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