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#232 - The Evolution of B2B Sales Tech

The purchasing behavior of B2B buyers has changed dramatically in recent years. Today, they have an unprecedented amount of information at their fingertips, and according to Forrester research, 70% of the buying consideration process takes place before they interact with a sales rep. In addition, the number of stakeholders involved in decision-making within a B2B buyer's organization is growing, complicating the buying process. In addition, B2B buyers prefer a self-service buying experience as digital native Millennials and Gen Z become a core part of the workforce. As a result, B2B sales teams are trying to adapt to these changes using a variety of methods and technologies.


In this report, we discuss six current trends in B2B sales: Smarketing (the alignment of sales and marketing teams in account-based marketing), Insight Selling, Social Selling, Digital Sales Room, and Sales Intelligence, Sales Enablement, and looks at the key technologies and solutions that support each of these areas. We also examine how the role and skills required of sales reps will change with the automation of the sales process through generative AI and the rise of machine customers (machines that assist/act on behalf of human customers in making purchasing decisions).

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