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#231 - AI Personalization

Today, most consumers expect a personalized experience, and McKinsey research shows that 71% of consumers believe their interactions with companies will become more personalized and 76% of consumers say they are frustrated when their experience is not tailored to their own preferences. The digital world of information overload is also driving marketers to capture consumer attention by delivering personalized experiences.


This report highlights trends in personalization technology, including the collection and analysis of user information in the cookie-less era, new ad measurement metrics called attention metrics, location-based marketing, and personalization using generative AI and Web3. We also look at how major tech companies such as Amazon, Netflix, Meta, and TikTok are delivering hyper-personalized ads and customer experiences. Finally, we examine the future of personalization, predicting that personalization will shift from an enterprise-driven process to user-driven personalization.

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