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#228 - Performance Technology: Working in the Flow State

Recent research has shown that a psychological state known as the Flow State has a variety of benefits for employee and team performance. Flow is a state in which people are so immersed in an activity that they lose track of time, and data shows that productivity, concentration, and creativity increase when people reach this state at work. Flow states are also closely related to employee motivation, engagement, and well-being. However, in today's work environment, frequent notifications and interruptions from messaging apps and multitasking make it difficult to enter the flow state.


This report discusses the mechanisms of the flow state, triggers for entering the flow state, methods for measuring the flow state, and related concepts such as Zone and Deep Work. Then, we introduce players in the areas of Research, Training, and Apps and Devices that are all designed to help achieve the flow state. It also looks at nootropics, which provide cognitive benefits similar to a flow state, and office designs to facilitate getting into the flow state. With employee productivity and well-being becoming an issue in many workplaces, employers and employees will increasingly be called upon to take responsibility for achieving them.

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