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#219 - Flavor Tech: Marriages of Flavors and Tastes

In past reports, Webrain has focused on the digitization of the human senses of sight, hearing, and smell. This report continues this topic by looking at the sense of taste, specifically the digitization of flavor. It’s commonly cited that 70% of flavor is based on smell and the remaining 30% is texture. The report begins by examining exactly what flavor is and the methods to accurately analyze it. It then covers the role of digital technology in the flavor market, as well as ongoing changes in consumer purchasing behavior.


This includes processes such as AI-based technologies that enable creating new flavors, precisely brewing alcoholic beverages, and new technology to shorten the maturation process. These technologies have advanced to the point where people can efficiently and cost-effectively develop their favorite flavors from an infinite variety of combinations.


Meanwhile, the emerging market of plant-based meat has become the next major battleground for flavor and fragrance manufacturers. The ability to mimic the flavors and textures of real meat, which are not inherently present in plants, has become the focus of this intense market competition.


In this report, Webrain examine how digital technologies have been applied to food industries by introducing the strategies of beverage companies and the AI strategies of major flavoring companies. We also look at the new competitive landscape and how the existing major flavoring companies in Europe or US, as well as the new digital startups in Silicon Valley and other tech cities, are working to create the next generation of our food culture.

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