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#216 – Sales Tech: Data-enabled Trusted Engagement

No matter how good a company’s product is, the company will die if that product does not sell. The sales organization has always been a vital link the connects the company to the customer, and as a result, is responsible for generating revenue. No sales, no company.


How can a sales team, which has traditionally relied on person-to-person interactions, handle more products, close more deals, and bring in more money?


Sales technology is, of course, nothing new. In fact, there are two key types of tech that have brought sales to its current state:

  • Sales Acceleration: Tools that take over routine, mundane tasks and free the salesperson to concentrate on closing the deal.

  • Sales Enablement: These tools help apply the personalized, human touch to sales activities to give customers a feeling of true support and understanding.


Webrain has also noted three areas of particular interest that we fell will have a major impact in the coming years:

  • Social Selling: The array of tools that help salespeople connect with and learn about their customers through social media channels.

  • AI Chatbots: These advanced-tech tools can boost initial customer engagement by providing a highly personalized interaction.

  • Sales Coaching: These systems help salespeople fine-tune their selling skills through personalized training and coaching platforms.

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