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#213 – Digital Mindfulness: Mental Health Technology

Research that looks at how people react to stressful times shows that we often focus on negative items rather than the positive. In other words, we are more drawn to what might go wrong instead of appreciating everything else that is going right. Compounding this pessimistic mindset is that brain-related problems become more common as we age.
Over 18% of the US experience anxiety problems, and this, coupled with other brain-impairment costs will resulting in a $6 trillion workplace productivity loss by 2030, according to WHO. Unfortunately, the consensus is that therapists are dramatically short-staffed to treat this many people using conventional therapeutic treatments. 

Fortunately, many technological solutions are emerging to help fill this gap and bring treatment to a larger audience. As stated in one study, “smartphone technology has the potential to make behavioral health care more accessible, efficient, and interactive for patients and can improve the delivery of evidence-based treatments.” There may not be enough therapists to go around, but perhaps the tiny computer everyone has in their pocket can help fill the gap and maintain proper mental health.

In this report, Webrain looks at Digital Mindfulness: Mental Health Technology to assess how technology is being applied to mindfulness today and how the market is set to develop in the coming years.

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