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#208 – Consumer Empowered Digital Healthcare

Healthcare is a unique industry in that it is intimately entwined with every individual throughout their entire life. It is also continuously undergoing transformation as it tries to meet the demands of digital-age consumers who want fast, effective, and affordable treatment. Many large IT companies have been drawn to this sector, hoping to apply their deep technical knowledge to new products and services. Examples include Google’s purchase of Fitbit and their partnership with the Mayo Clinic and Apple’s expanding healthcare capabilities in its smart watch. Microsoft and Amazon are also both looking to redefine and transform the healthcare market.


One way that technology can realize cost and time savings is through remote monitoring, thereby facilitating better consumer health decisions. As a result, physicians are displaced from the center of the medical care paradigm; they are no longer commanders of patient health, but partners in it. In what ways can your company contribute to empowering consumers during this healthcare digital transformation?  For this report, Webrain looks at the dawn of Consumer Empowered Digital Healthcare, in which digital transformation redefines the availability, affordability, and capability of healthcare through wearable devices and medical IoT (IoMT) devices.

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