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#204 – Era of Hyper-personalized Media Delivery

The ways viewers consume media has changed significantly in the past couple decades, with a wealth of over-the-top (OTT) streaming players (such as Netflix and Hulu) giving consumers seemingly endless selections. For years, top content studios such as Disney and Warner Bros. have licensed their movies and shows to the OTT players, but now they are starting to get in on the lucrative distribution game. With Disney, Warner, NBCUniversal, and even Apple all announcing new streaming services, the selection available to cord-cutting consumers has become more expansive and more fragmented. But could it be that there will soon be too many choices? One industry executive thinks that we have reached the state of “peak TV.”


In fact, this sentiment recalls a topic Webrain has discussed in the past, namely the “tyranny of choice,” where consumers are presented with so many options that making a decision becomes a stressful experience. So how will a successful OTT player break through the chaos and provide true value to the consumer? Webrain believes that this will only come about through advanced technology that can tame the excessive choices and present each viewer with a playlist of exactly what they want, when and where they want it. What’s happening in the media industry is a precursor to what will inevitably spread to virtually all businesses that need to keep their customer’s attention in an increasingly crowded and distracting market.


So even if your business is not at all related to media, pay close attention to what’s happening there today. It may very well be a glimpse into your own future.  In this report, Webrain focuses on the Era of Hyper-personalization of Media Delivery, in which content is still king, but context is the key to success.

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