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#202 – Plant-base Foods and Clean Meat

Food has always been essential for survival. But where our ancestors had to continuously hunt and forage for their daily caloric needs, we are now able to put technology to work to gather, store, and consume food more efficiently. Well into a new era of food technology, advances now promise to deliver foods that will make the commercial supply healthier for both humans and the planet’s environment as well. There are two ways in which the food industry is moving toward this goal. The first is through the use of new ways to construct foods from plants. Although this plant-based food industry has been around for many years, new players continue to refine their products and production processes.


The second is clean meat, which is the use of genetics and bioscience to grow meat in the lab. This industry is not as far along as plant-based foods, but is rapidly developing new products that players expect to be a major component of the food supply of the future. Both of these movements aim to provide food alternatives to people who want to eat healthier and minimize their environmental impact. As technology winds its way deeper and deeper into the food chain, there are growing opportunities for businesses to expand their product and service offerings in ways they may have never before considered. Could your next key revenue stream come from the kitchen table? In this report, Webrain takes a close look at Plant-based Foods and Clean Meat, and how technology is transforming our food at the molecular level.

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