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#197 – Visibility of Things 

The explosive growth of IoT in recent years has led to a proliferation of data-gathering devices employed in diverse applications around the globe. But while IoT has become increasingly sophisticated and has garnered most of the attention, a powerful subcategory of IoT has been steadily ramping up. Combining IoT devices with location information has led to the Location of Things (LoT), which is sometimes called the Location Intelligence (LI) market. For many applications, LoT provides a cheaper method of gathering location-based information over wide areas than technologies such as GPS – and cost becomes a major influencer for companies that are planning to deploy thousands or millions of individual devices.


A key element of LoT is connectivity, and numerous players have stepped up to offer an array of solutions, ranging from proprietary networks to those that make use of existing cellular infrastructure. In doing so, they have created products and services that expand data-gathering and analytics through the entire supply chain in a wide array of sectors, such as government, manufacturing, service, and retail. The strategic combination of location-based services, IoT, and AI/cloud services has created what Webrain calls the Visibility of Things (VoT). When you are able to precisely track and visualize the position and condition of every asset, you gain an unprecedented ability to bridge the traditional gap between customer expectation and what your company can actually deliver. In the end, you create a stronger customer experience by furnishing your products and services at the highest level. In this report, Webrain explains the technologies underlying VoT and the new market opportunities they present.

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