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#196 – Human-centric Digital Innovation

One of the hottest topics in the world of business has been Digital Transformation (DX). This is a term that can mean different things to different people, but at its heart it encapsulates three principles. First, it’s not something that only impacts the IT department, it can potentially touch every worker throughout the organization.  Second, it must be accompanied by a change to the corporate thought process; the status quo must give way to innovation. Third, it should enable exponential growth to take the enterprise to new levels.


Companies that successfully implement DX initiatives often embrace new decision-making models that enable them to move faster than the competition. Webrain refers to this as Human-centric Digital Innovation. In today’s world, no industry is safe from disruption. But established incumbent enterprises don’t have to sit back and watch while innovative upstarts take over their market. With the right planning and execution, the incumbent can become the disruptor and take charge of the future. In this report, Webrain looks at a variety of case studies that illustrate the profound changes DX can bring to organizations.

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