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#195 – Convergence of Ownerless Mobility

The business model of personal transportation and mobility has undergone a radical shift as more and more consumers favor on-demand rideshare services (such as Uber) over owning and operating their own vehicles. Bank of America has declared we have reached a state of “peak car” ownership, as Mobility as a Service (MaaS) options provide seamless, door-to-door experiences using various modes of transportation. In this report, Webrain examines how the automotive industry – which historically has been a significant portion of the American GDP – is clearly being disrupted by new emerging technologies that give consumers an unprecedented array of choices.


Webrain sees this IT-driven trend as the Convergence of Ownerless Mobility. But it’s not just the automotive industry that faces being upended in the same way personal computers crushed the typewriter market a generation ago. Everything that is even tangentially related to transportation would feel a ripple effect – from parking garages and city planners to financing companies and oil refineries. At the same time, new solution providers exploring mobile technologies, 5G, AI, and sensors are positioned to skyrocket in their new era. Could this disruption impact your industry?

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