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#207 – Hemp-derived CBD Market

Legal cannabis and CBD have been two of the fastest-changing and complicated markets in recent years. With laws varying from state-to-state and often at odds with federal regulations, the industries and consumers have needed to operate in a confusing environment to manufacture, distribute, sell, and consumer these products. In this report, Webrain focuses on the current state of the hemp-derived CBD market, beginning with an overview of how it went from nonexistent to mainstream in just a few short years. At this time, however, the FDA only allows for products such as topical creams and specifically has not approved any CBD-infused foods, beverages, or dietary supplements. Despite a constantly shifting landscape, the industry is spending large amounts of money on hemp cultivation and processing, and consumer demand is driving traditional retailers like Kroger and CVS to add CBD products to their shelves. Key to this report are interviews with industry experts who express their candid viewpoints on what needs to happen to make hemp-derived CBD a long-term sustainable market. With CBD finding its way into almost every product category, is there an opportunity for your company to profit from this booming trend?

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