Webrain offers a wide selection of services designed to accelerate your companies growth.

Management Intelligence Enhancement Program

Webrain Reports (WR)

Technology is an always-evolving force. Things that seem cutting-edge today can be obsolete tomorrow, and boot-strapped startups have been disrupting seemingly impenetrable industries. Webrain believes that in order to not just survive, but to thrive, companies need to strategically embrace change and leverage technology trends to their fullest advantage. Otherwise, today’s high-flying market leader risks losing everything to the new startup market disruptor. 

Since 1999, the Webrain Report has presented in-depth examinations of trending and emerging technology topics. Looking one to two years down the road, the report examines how these technologies often have an impact that extends beyond just the corporate and consumer worlds and can shape entire industries, societies, and our day-to-day life. Far more than just another industry report, Webrain infuses each publication with a unique analysis and interpretation of events, movements, and human behavior, giving the reader a deeper and more abstract view of the topic. 

Drawing on the extensive background and experience of the Seattle-based Webrain team of experts and researchers, the report is infused with the innovative business culture that is unique to this geographic region, home of industry heavyweights such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Starbucks. Crafted with a unique analysis of technologies and a cross-cultural perspective, the Webrain Report is particularly useful in giving Japanese executives a unique assessment of the technological movements that are taking hold mainly in the United States and influencing developments around the world. The Webrain Report is published nine times a year in both English and Japanese.

Interactive Strategic Session (ISS)

Webrain’s Interactive Strategic Sessions (ISS) provide an instant injection of expert business intelligence to your management and task force team. Using the timely business intelligence captured in a select Webrain Report, the sessions focus on trending technology themes and examine their growing impact on industries, society, and global issues within the next few years. Webrain has been presenting ISS since 1999, and in that time has helped numerous Japanese Fortune 500 companies enhance the knowledge and technical acumen of their leadership teams. These interactive sessions run 1.5 to 2 hours, are conducted in person or through video conferencing, and can be tailored for each customers. 

But ISS is more than just a presentation. Webrain expertly conducts ISS in a manner specifically designed to spark a lively two-way discussion with your team that ensures they gain the valuable insight into how these trends will impact your company and the Japanese market. 

With ISS, your management and task team will be equipped with unique insights and invaluable perspectives to gain a strategic edge over the competition and drive your company’s future and success.

Boot Camp
Service (BCS)

The market you operate in changes rapidly. To grow, you need people who can constantly identify and develop profitable new business opportunities. But this type of innovative performance does not come easy. It requires someone with intense discipline coupled with an entrepreneurial mindset, the type of person who draws inspiration from the world around them and thrives with their team to bring their ideas to an investment-ready level. 

Through intensive intellectual and physical training, Webrain’s Boot Camp Service (BCS) directs your up-and-coming executive candidates through the rigorous process of rethinking their approach to their work and changing their mentality around creativity, performance, and working effectively as a team. Teams are made of 6 to 8 people carefully selected by your management. Over the course of the BCS, participants will be driven to use out-of-the-box thinking as they perform an in-depth study of various Webrain Reports and use this material as inspiration for actively developing an innovative new business model. Throughout the complete program Webrain instills awareness (Kizuki) and coachs participants on how to notice things that connect new business opportunities. 

Maintaining a global perspective, BCS teams will draw upon the extensive strengths of Japan while integrating their newfound knowledge of US culture. Using their newly refined and sharpened presentation skills, the team will pitch their business plan to a panel of experienced and seasoned high-tech angel investors and receiving invaluable actionable feedback and suggestions. Each BCS is customized for the skills and goals of your team and draws from Webrain’s extensive roster of over 60 experts in fields such as: 

  • Agile Development

  • Business and Religion

  • Cross Cultural Integration

  • Data Visualization

  • eDiscovery

  • Equity Valuation 

  • Executive Security

  • IT Security

  • Intellectual Property and Residual Rights

  • Japanese American History

  • Marketing Intelligence

  • Physical Training

  • Post M&A Corporate Governance

  • Presentation Skills, Appearance and Attire 

  • Private Equity and VC Funding

  • Table Manners & Etiquette Training

  • University Technology Transfer

  • US Cannabis Law & Policy

  • US Cultural Differences

  • And much more...

The four- or six-month Boot Camp Service program starts with a personalized kickoff meeting in Japan to orient the participants and get them ready for the personal and professional journey ahead of them. Over the following months, Webrain works with the participants through a series of video conference calls and two multi-day sessions conducted in the beautiful Pacific Northwest at a private training facility as well as at Webrain Headquarters in Seattle. The training never stops. At each of these steps, the participants receive homework assignments designed to keep them challenged and active as they work toward their goal of developing a viable new business model. The BCS experience culminates with the participants presenting their plans to your company’s leadership to promote their plans and ask support for further developing their proof-of-concept.

Since 1999, Webrain has graduated over 1,000 BCS attendees, many of whom have gone into executive leadership roles in their companies. 

Executive Retreat Service (ERS)

Webrain’s Executive Retreat Service (ERS) provides a valuable “back to the basics” opportunities for experienced corporate executives to update and sharpen their skills by examining new societal, ideological, geo-political, and cultural challenges that are impacting your industry. ERS sessions can be customized to your executives’ specific needs. It culminates with a two-to-five day gathering in the Pacific Northwest at Webrain Headquarters in Seattle, during which the participants will receive focused physical and intellectual training to stimulate their body and mind to think deeper and unleash their creativity. The in-person ERS is constructed to your specific requirements and draws from Webrain’s extensive roster of over 60+ experts in fields such as:

  • Agile Development & Scram Owner Skills 

  • Business & Religion 

  • CEO Profiling 

  • Cross Culture Integration 

  • Data Visualization

  • Differentiation of US West Coast/Mid/East coast 

  • English Presentation Skills 

  • English Speech and Accent Reduction Coaching

  • Equity Valuation

  • Executive Hire & Fire 

  • Executive Wellness Management

  • Executive HR (Hire & Fire) 

  • History of Japanese American 

  • Intellectual Property & Residual Right

  • Marketing Intelligence 

  • Network Security / Forensic Tools 

  • Post M&A Corporate Governance 

  • Table Manner & Executive Etiquette      

  • University Technology Transfer

Webrain has also had considerable success in providing Japanese executives with targeted instruction for improving their English communication skills (spoken – especially accent reduction, written, presentation, and etiquette). 

The ERS also employs creative team-building projects to establish strong bonds between executives, thereby fostering a more cohesive and responsive organization. ERS can be extremely effective with groups solely from Japan, or it can be used to strengthen ties between Japan-based executives and their counterparts in the US divisions (or within recently acquired US companies) by bridging the culture gap between the countries. Webrain’s ERS gets your executives out of the office into a relaxed environment free of hierarchy, empowering them to expand their individual skillsets and solidify their team cohesiveness. 


Global Business Enhancement Program

Strategic Communication Service (SCS)

Language and cultural differences between Japan companies and English-speaking entities can result in inaccurate or insufficient communications during conference calls or even in a simple email message. For example, you might end a conference call thinking that all Japanese and English-speaking participants have a clear understanding of the next steps, only to find weeks or months later that there was a misunderstanding that now threatens to negatively impact the project. Or maybe you find yourself repeatedly going through multiple email exchanges just to clarify a simple point and to get on the same page.  Or even worse, discussions stall between both parties, frustration jeopardizes the relationship, and your management grows impatient waiting on updates on this critical discussion or partnership.    

Webrain can help you overcome these problematic language and cultural communication obstacles. With SCS, we assist you in developing the proper communication protocols to make sure your messages are correctly and easily understood, with nothing lost in translation. Webrain advises you on the best communication channels to use with your local executives, strategic partners, customers, vendors and the public.

At the heart of SCS is full on-demand support ranging from external communication strategies (including public relations, high level customer and vendor communications, and crisis management) to internal communication strategies with employees and subsidiary management.

Your communications are critical to the smooth operation of your business. Through close collaboration with your corporate executive team, Webrain helps hone your messages to enhance your messages, directives, and inquiries to create the most strategic and effective interactions. When it comes to effective strategic communications, Webrain believes the best defense is a great – and carefully prepared – offense.

Strategic Opinion Service (SOS)

SOS provides your corporate executives with cost-effective strategic support in two critical areas: 

  1. Helping you navigate complex corporate M&A activity, from initial diligence and research all the way through closing and integration.

  2. Crafting mission-critical communications.

For M&A, SOS gives you confidential, unbiased strategic opinions based on US best practices in a timely and efficient fashion. For each project, Webrain carefully selects a team of experts to work with your executives and provide clear, impartial guidance. during the entirety of the M&A process. Webrain is uniquely positioned to evaluate and execute on your corporate strategy, all while identifying and mitigating the myriad cross-cultural obstacles that frequently trip up lesser-prepared organizations. 

Whether they are related to M&A or any other activity, your corporate communications need to be precise and perfectly tailored for your audience. With SOS, Webrain does a thorough review of your executive presentation materials to fine-tune the messaging, targeting and delivery of mission critical communications and themes developed by your corporate executives for use with relevant stakeholders, such as analysts, shareholders, employees, customers, vendors and subsidiaries around the world. These might include: 


  • Analyst meetings on quarterly and annual earnings reports.

  • “Roadshows” for major shareholders and investors.

  •  Presentations delivered to employees, vendors, customers and subsidiary management around the world to promote core messages or new directives of the Company.

Strategic Crisis Management (SCM)

When your business is faced with a major crisis, Webrain’s SCM service can rapidly and discreetly manage the situation to minimize or even avoid harm to your customers, employees, and/or shareholders. 

Webrain’s crisis response team works with you to quickly identify and assess risks in the aftermath of a major event and helps you develop a carefully crafted strategy using US-based best practices and business intelligence. The high-level goals are to address the situation, prevent further damages, and mitigate risk and liability.  

Bringing an unbiased, objective viewpoint, we augment your internal crisis response team and coordinate the efforts of external team of legal counsels, accountants and PR firms. Together, we assist with data gathering, analysis and strategic advice, scenario planning, assessment of existing corporate governance policies and procedures, and post-crisis communication management support.  

Webrain assists our clients in developing appropriate short-term and long-range remediation plans to mitigate damage to your company. This includes creating new or modifying existing corporate governance and compliance policies and procedures as part of the remediation plan.   

In one complex case, Webrain advised a global organization and its executive team on fraudulent activities involving some bad actors in a foreign subsidiary. Webrain was able to devise a definitive step-by-step plan for investigation, remediation, and communication to contain the problem in the most expedient and legal manner. In another case, Webrain managed the hiring and termination of executives within a newly acquired US subsidiary. Webrain’s expertise helped the client navigate intricate cross-cultural employment agreements while adhering to tight budget and schedule constraints.